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 Atlanta Area Summer Programs & Camps 2011
Summer camp is a good thing for parents who want to keep their children entertained while filling that 3 month education void. Whatever your child's interests and hobbies are, there is a fun summer opportunity that awaits! Most day camps and programs last for a few weeks while others last longer at 6 to 8 week sessions. Other camps are overnight camps and since they offer a wider range of social activities. Most of these programs come in sessions that could range from one week to three weeks(depending on the camp). If your child is old enough(most require children to be at least seven years of age) and you think your child is ready to spend the night away from home, a sleep-away can be an enriching experience. Here is a small list of the best summer programs and overnight camps in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Orchestra Summer Workshops. Two sessions will be lead by Scott Hammond, a violinist/violist/conductor who began his musical training at age 5 by learning to read music by himself. The first is July 11-14 and the second session is July 18-22. The sessions are divided by experience level of the performers: Beginner (1-2 years playing experience), Intermdiate (3-4 years experience), and Advanced (4 or more years of experience). The workshop is open to all students and adults who want to improve their musical skills on Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass. Instruction in performance, theory and technique will be stressed. Classes are 1hour and 15 minutes to allow for group and individual attention.

Sessions will be held at Plato’s Music, 11105 State Bridge Road, Suite 320, Johns Creek, GA 30022. Phone number is 770-475-3643.

KinderCare offers 12 different summer programs for both preschoolers and for kids in primary school. They offer educational programs like Scienterrific, a general science class that introduces them to earth science, physics, chemistry, and more. Children will have so much fun getting involved in various science projects that will make them fall in love with science. Other fun programs they offer include Kids' Kitchen, a class that teaches the basics of food preparation, and Spectacular Sports, an introductory program to different athletic activities like soccer and volleyball. Check out the KinderCare website for more information and to sign your kids up.

RedDoor Playhouse Summer Camps are the perfect option for children who want to explore theatre. They current have four programs available including Movie Madness, Improv Comedy, Rainforest Rocks, and Funny Farm. Each camp program is available in two age groups(5 to 8 year old and 9 to 12 year olds). Kids will learn about everything that's involved in theatre production. like how to create a story or plot with characters, design props and create costumes, how to make a movie, and how to perform on stage. Each program lasts for an entire week Monday though Friday. To find out more and sign them up, visit the RedDoor Playhouse website.

idTech Camps are a great option for older kids and teens who really love technology. The program, which is held at Emory University, offers an array of technology courses like programming, web design, video game design, photography, video editing, and more. Each course teaches the fundementals of the topic and gives them lots of hands on experience. Like most summer camps, each program is divided into age groups. Most of the programs and classes are in the day camp category but they also offer overnight camp programs. Follow this link to find out more.

The Vinings Equestrian Camp is a fun place for your child to spend their summer days, especially if they love horses. This summer camp program currently offers two sessions(each lasting one entire week) in June and will offer more dates upon request. This simple program teaches children the basics of caring for a horse and how to ride a horse safely. The program also offers crafts and an obstacle course.

Last, but certainly not least, Blue Ridge Camp is a fun overnight summer camp for kids of all ages. Located in countryside of the Blue Ridge mountains, this coed camp is sure provide a summer of fun and friendship. They offer about forty activities including arts, drama, frisbee, tennis, cheerleading baseball, guitar, dance, drums, and much more. Each camp session also features evening events and special excursions to fun places like amusement parks. Most sessions last for about a month but longer sessions are also available.

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