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 Atlanta’s National Black Arts Festival
Atlanta’s National Black Arts Festival is a year-round program that culminates in a 10-day summer festival in celebration of the art and artist of the African Diaspora. Formed in order to further and promote the work of black artists of all types, the festival hosts an astonishing array of performances include theatre, music and dance.

Artwork is a central theme as well, with the very popular Artists’ Market at Greenbriar Mall, featuring more than 75 professional artists selling a myriad of treasures. Media include ceramics, fiber art, jewelry, glass, painting and photography, to name just a few. You also will find performances at the Woodruff Arts Center that include theatre, film, and literature. Plays are prominent, as are musical performances. The culture and heritage of those of African descent are highlighted and showcased for their uniqueness and their vast impact on the world.

The festival is a great way to introduce your kids to the wider world around them and the one from which they came.

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