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 Georgia Renaissance Festival
At the Georgia Renaissance Festival you will enter the gates of this magnificent 15th-century Kingdom and you‘ll find the King and his Court, castles and cottages, cheery pubs and over 150 elaborately adorned shops offering an array of unique treasures and craft demonstrations by world renowned artisans.

Meet the wacky Washing Well Wenches, watch the ""Ded Bob Show,"" visit with the Parrots of the Caribbean, hold your breath as you watch the Amazing, Death-Defying Slant Rope of Fire and the SwordsSwallowing Thom Sellectony, and don‘t forget to feed you tummy with a scrumptious Sesame Chicken-On-A-Stick, a medieval version of an Atkins‘ friendly entree.

You will find distinctive items like blown glass goblets, hand made perfumes, leather goods and hand-turned pottery. You‘ll feast like royalty on a huge variety of delectable delights including our enormous roasted turkey legs!

You will experience a full day of fun with ten stages of non-stop swordswallowing, rope walking, juggling, music, dancing, comedic storytelling and interactive shows. You won‘t want to miss the ""original"" extreme sport, a full-contact joust on horseback and the magnificent Birds of Pray Show!

For a rollicking good time, come to the Georgia Renaissance Festival, where the good life is festive and the parking is free! To take this trip through time, you need just one ticket... and a sense of adventure.

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