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 Atlanta Celtic Festival
Spend a day celebrating Celtic culture at the 19th Annual Celtic Festival in Atlanta! Enjoy festive Celtic music, colorful costumes, and vibrant dancing in this exciting event perfect for the entire family. The wee ones will get a chance to participate in traditional dances while pretending to be Celts to urge their feet to dance with the music.

The phenomenal musicians lend their great talents with unique instruments like the ever-present bagpipes, harp, flute, and mandolin. Learn the lyrics to old Irish folk songs and sing along with the rest of the good-natured crowd at the Celtic Festival.

If you are in a mood for the tragedy and comedy of the Celtic stage, grab a seat at the Celtic Theatre. Talented performers bring the remarkable plays of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to life before audiences of all ages. These performances allow children and parents alike to gain a new perspective to this ancient culture of the Celts.

After a lively performance, stroll through the stalls of North America’s largest collection of Celtic antiques. From charming teapots to dashing kilts, peruse all types of Celtic goods awaiting purchase. The entire family is sure to enjoy this unique opportunity to celebrate and learn about the Celtic culture.

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