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 Kangaroo Conservation Center
Kangaroo Conservation Center offers a visit to Australia without ever leaving Georgia. It’s located just one hour north of Atlanta. The Center boasts the largest kangaroo collection outside of Australia.

There are over 200 hopping marsupials living on the center’s grounds. Your tour guide will tell you all about the animals, their habits, culture, and behavior as you travel by truck around the expansive park to spot kangaroos.

you’ll also want to explore the ¼ mile hiking trail, which offers visitors views of kangaroo habitats as well as the scenic Appalachian Mountains. The Center also features several other exhibits, including a boomerang display, an ""Australia Wild"" Animal Show, and an interactive Eucalyptus forest, where you can walk amidst the various animals native to Australia.

There is also an ""Aussie Outpost"" gift shop, featuring high quality souvenirs and learning toys as well as a butterfly garden picnic area. Try something different and include a trip to the Australian Outback this holiday season and head north from Atlanta to visit the Kangaroos. It’s fun and educational for the whole family.

This event is limited to adults and children eight and older and the park is a non-smoking facility.

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