Atlanta‘s Best Burgers
January 20, 2011

Whether you are an Atlanta native you are visiting for the weekend or an extended vacation, sometimes you want to skip the expensive, trendy restaurant and go for a big, juicy burger. Atlanta is known as the best place in America for hamburgers.

You can find all kinds of burgers topped with everything from blue cheese to mushrooms. We have identified Atlanta’s ten best burger restaurants to make your choice easier when looking for that next great sandwich.

Burger restaurant with the best toppings bar: Fuddruckers. This national chain offers a product stand of toppings that ranges from fresh tomatoes to relish. The standards are there---onions, lettuce and pickles---but you can also add cheddar cheese. And since it is a “bar,” you can add as many as you want.

The burgers from this national chain are known for their quality. The restaurants are decorated in nostalgic themes, with some in the Atlanta area including booths decorated with memorabilia from Elvis and the Rolling Stones. Kids will love playing in the game room and parents will love the selection. Turkey burgers and veggie burgers are always on the menu. Fuddruckers has various locations in the Atlanta area. Visit their website, for more details.

All Around Best burger: Five Guys. This national chain just entered the Atlanta market a few years ago. The reason they are the best—burgers and hotdogs are all they do. All of the ingredients are fresh—the company boasts that there are no freezers or microwaves in their restaurants. Choose from 15 free toppings.

The brown bag restaurant has 17 Atlanta locations. Visit for more details.

The iconic burger joint you must visit in Atlanta: The Varsity. “What’ll Ya Have?” Thousands of Atlantans and tourists have answered—the chili cheeseburger. Greasy and covered with chili, this is the perfect meal for those looking to commit “food porn.” Wash it down with a famous frosted orange.

This is THE place to go before a sporting event in Atlanta or Athens. The downtown restaurant, located at 61 North Avenue, has been serving customers since 1928. The Varsity Downtown can accommodate 600 cars and 800 customers inside. For more locations and information, visit

Best place for a burger named after an Atlanta icon: Ted’s Montana Grill.
Ted Turner is a legend in Atlanta, having owned the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks. Oh, and he also created CNN.

Turner opened his first Montana Grill in 2002 and has locations all over the country.

What makes his burgers so special---these tasty delights are made from bison. The best burger on the menu—the Blue Creek Burger topped with bleu cheese. Health conscious parents will love the Ultimate Skinny Dip, a burger served without a bun and with a side of cottage cheese. For locations, visit their website at

Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret: Ann‘s Snack Bar
This eatery located at 1615 Memorial Drive will likely not be on any tour of the Georgia capitol. But ride by the burger join at lunch and see the lines formed just to try Ann Price’s Ghetto Burger. Each burger has two beef patties that can be topped with anything form bacon, chili, cheese or slaw (slaw-topped burgers are called “Hood Burgers”). Ann’s burgers were named the best in the country by the Wall Street Journal.

Best burger if you want to stay in: Burger Joe‘s. Yes, you can get a quality burger delivered to your hotel or home. These burgers are BIG and come with the toppings of your choice. Visit their website at for locations, hours and a menu.

Best place for a burger before a show: Broadway Diner. This diner is located just one block south of the fabulous Fox Theater. This is a great place to take the kids before the latest show from their favorite television icon. Burgers begin at $8.95. Top off your meal with one of the diner’s signature desserts. For more information, visit

Most unusual place for a great burger: Downwind Restaurant and Lounge
Watch planes land and take off from this restaurant, located in the Dekalb-Peachtree Airport on Claremont Road. But this is more than just another restaurant in an airport.

Their burgers were voted the best burgers by the AOL City Guide in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Dine outdoors in good weather. This has become a popular place for kid’s birthday parties. See what the fuss is about at their

Best place for a burger and ice cream: Zesto’s. Zesto’s famous “Z burger” is one of the best cheap burgers you will ever eat. Get two for $1.29. But if your appetite is healthy, dive into Atlanta’s original double decker. Finish your meal with ice cream made with real milk—some of the best soft serve found anywhere. This Atlanta landmark has six locations. Point your web browser to for the one nearest you.

If you just have to have a fast food burger: Backyard Burgers. These burgers are made out of 100 percent Black Angus beef and are charbroiled—never fried. Some locations only have drive thru service. For locations, visit

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